Be a Blessing & Receive a Blessing

We have all experienced hardships in our life from losing a job, physical/mental illness, divorce, unforeseen circumstances etc. This is a program of giving back to those in need because I truly believe that everyone deserves beautiful things especially in our lowest moments. 

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Apply For Sponsorship



The program will open up at the 1st of month for the upcoming month to allow everyone time to apply. 
EX. April Cake request will open up on March 1st, 2024. 

Who can apply?

This program is not for people who can afford a cake but you just don’t like the custom cake prices. People who apply knowing they have the funds to purchase a cake are taking away from those who are truly in need and will not be selected. This program is for those who have fell on hard times and truly can’t afford to purchase a cake from ANY vendor.

Can I nominate someone?

Yes, you can nominate someone for the program. 

How will I know I’ve been selected?

I will personally reach out to you via the contact information you provided. 

How many people will be selected?

I personally will choose one person, but my prayer is others will join in and sponsor more people so we can help more than one person a month.

What types of cakes/events quality?

Your circumstance qualifies you for sponsorships so any type of event could possibly be selected. Just apply and tell us your story!

Can I design the cake?

You can send a “Inspiration” picture(s) of the cake you are interested in but I will maintain full creative control over all cakes. This is currently how I run my business outside of this program, I do not duplicate others designs or mine. So if you get a cake from me it’s 1 of 1.

Are there any restrictions?

The cakes will be single tiered, 3-4 layer cakes only, unless I am guided to provide you with multiple tiered cakes.  Cake size will be based on your servings needed. 


Thanks so much for being a blessing. Please understand I will never release the name of the person you have sponsored nor will I provide images of the cake because that might reveal the person.
Anonymity is my top priority but people might not apply if they know their names might be revealed. If I provide you with pictures and the recipient post them on social media then that would be revealing them as well.