Nothing perishable will ship out on the weekends.

I SHIP M,T,W to States outside of Texas

Texas: M-Thurs shipping is usually one day, vs other States take 2-3 days. Houston/San Antonio/ El Paso all upper west/south Texas only ship out M-W.

Western States(Cali, AZ etc) Only ship out M-W unless one day shipping selected.

Processing times are not shipping estimates. It’s the length of time between you making the order and me shipping it out.

Cookies: 48 Hour processing. Fresh dough is made for every order.

Poundcakes: 48 hours processing. Fresh Poundcake made every order.

Pies: 48 hours processing. Fresh pies every order.

Cheesecakes: 72 hour processing for local pick up and delivery. Fresh cheesecakes are made for every order. All shipping for cheesecakes have been suspended.

*Update on 4/12- Cheesecake shipping is slowly on its way back. Testing out UPS delivery for better results on delivery. 

I do cook with ingredients that may be allergens for some and we cannot guarantee that all items do not contain these allergens, which include, but are not limited to, soy, dairy, eggs, nuts, coconut, chocolate, wheat, or gluten.



Can I pick up my order?

Pick up is available in Tyler, TX only. Pick up option and location are provided when you check out and again when your order is ready.

Pick up Location?

It is provided on the confirmation page and in an email when your order is ready.

Pick up time starts when?
Monday-Friday 4PM-9PM 

Sat-Sun- 10am-8PM


Why is Shipping over $15 for Cheesecakes?

I do not control the cost of shipping. Shipping rates are directly from USPS, or UPS. I am fairly new and at the moment I can not offer free shipping on Cheesecakes but I do get a $2.00 discount that is passed down to my customers. Standard rates outside of this store are $17.50 for the Priority Flat Rate boxes I use. Shipping for Cheesecakes is currently suspended.

Cookies shipping is $12. Our boxes are deep mailers that allow for wrapping your cookies securely so that no damage is done when shipping.


**DUE to extremely delayed shipping on USPS part,if you do not select overnight shipping you are agreeing to the possibility of your package being delayed. We use priority shipping that should only take 2-3 days at the most, anything longer than that is due to USPS being behind and can not be guaranteed. We have also seen delayed tracking information being populated 2 days after shipping or the day of delivery. We do apologize but we do not control how USPS updates their systems. 


Can all your cheesecakes be shipped? 

AS OF APRIL 2022, we are now opening back up Cheesecake shipments as a trial run, thanks so much for being patient with us.


Can you overnight a Cheesecake? 

Yes, via UPS only! Flat rate $35 that goes straight to shipping.


What comes in a perishable shipment?

All shipments will come with a large ice pack, up to two in each package during the winter months and 4 ice packages during the summer months( April to October).

Holiday Shipping Times

All holiday orders will need to be place 14 days before the holiday to insure your shipment will arrive on time. Refunds will not be processed due to untimely arrival if ordered after holiday processing times. Please check holiday menu for order closure. 




My item was Damaged during shipment.

You will need to file a claim with USPS. We are not responsible for the damaging of packages due to mishandling. We will try to assist you as much as possible on our end with filing a claim but you will need to file a claim with USPS for refunds. 


Delayed packages/Lost Package

My item has not arrived.

Shipments are not considered lost until 10 days after the expected delivery date. If your item has not been delivered after 10 days of the delivery date contact me so I can reach out to USPS directly.

Delayed Items

Once the item leaves my hands, I am not responsible for delayed shipping times. I ship the order based on what you selected and the shipper adheres to their shipping times. Shipping times can be changed for various reasons like change in weather, weather from states away can effect your shipment if that state is apart of its stop. 


Dessert Tables: 40% due at time of order, no exceptions. You are not booked until you submit your full payment or deposit. 

Regular menu items: All payments are due at the time of order. Customer will be expected to utilize website to checkout/purchase items. Desired pick up/delivery date can be left in the “note section in the cart”

Why are you not offering deposits on regular menu items? I replaced it with AFTERPAY, so if you need to pay it out now you can in 4 payments. 



 Do you require a retainer fee?

Yes, all dessert tables have a $100 retainer fee unless over $400 then you will pay 50% of total amount due. Remaining fee for table is due two days before your event. 


90 Days or Earlier: 70%

60 Days: 50%

30 Days: Non refundable. Wedding slot can not be rebooked within 30 days.


2 Weeks or Earlier: 70%

1 Week or later: NON REFUNDABLE, no exceptions at all!   

Custom Cakes

Retainer/Deposit Non Refundable 

14 days before or sooner anything paid over deposit minus any items purchased

7 days or later no refunds will be processed after this date, no exceptions at all. You can transfer your deposit to a later dater if a proper notice is provided